Cascio Critique and Masdar City

I found Cascio critiques to be inspiring because as designers we should respect the audiences intelligence and background while we present our own design solutions. While thinking about the future, I assumed that Masdars city would be challenging for most to use, but after considering…


The client, Barilla, has decided to pursue a pop-up shop model that will be located in urban centers for short periods of time (3–4 weeks) and then moved to other cities around the country.

Create a branded environment for a Barilla pop-up shop while considering the emotions, motivations, and impulses…


Great storytellers have the power to transport listeners outside of themselves, to other places, times, contexts, etc. Stories that societies celebrate are often shaped by those in power, underrepresented stories often reflect societies’ injustices, and the stories we tell about ourselves shape our identity.

In this project, we will be…

Environments Studio — Fall 2021


Our relationship to the environment around us is continually evolving. Over long spans of time, people have developed more and more advanced methods of controlling the environment around us to the point that there are millions of people with little interaction with the “elements”…

Se A Kim


The class activity was very interesting. I was in the same group as Shruti and we both thought that the exercise felt like a group therapy session. We all reflected on the speaker’s comments in a way in which we assured their opinions or trajectory on their…

11/24 — Research

I interviewed a fellow design student on the current experience with online lectures and studios through zoom. Some of the main points from this conversation were:

  • Online experience is worse than in person studios
  • Screen time fatigue, feeling more isolated and tired
  • Wants less screen time and more in person…

Environments Mini | Fall 2020 | Se A Kim


Pre-Project Reflection

When thinking about E Design, I get the idea that this is a novel type of design thinking due to its young history in our program. I am intrigued by Future’s thinking because of its focus on creating new spatial experience for both digital and physical environments. It makes me…

Project 4

Project Introduction

Oct. 10, 2020

Design a 60-second video that highlights the unique characteristics and personality of your typeface in the context of its use and in relation to its larger type family.

Main 3 Adjectives:




For this video, I considered my final spread from the last project and the…

Project 3 : Typeface

Part 1: Introduction

Sept 26, 2020

Make a list of adjectives that describe your typeface. Then, write a one to two page essay that highlights the unique characteristics and personality of the typeface, and a brief statement (50–65 words) that encapsulates the content of the essay.

The first impressions…

Se A Kim

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